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CSE Achieves Top Of Singapore’s Newest Blockchain Index

CSE has topped the list of the latest blockchain projects announced by the Singapore government. This time, CSE has reached the TOP in the latest rankings since the index launched in late August. 2018.

The rankings, developed by the Singapore Institute of Electronics Information Research and Development as well as the Singapore Software Testing Center, aim to create a scientific assessment of global public blockchain projects.

In the second month in a row, CSE maintained its TOP position on the chart. Blocked DPCH projects have surpassed Ethereum after the first rankings were released to take the lead from September 2018. In addition to topping the charts, CSE also took the top spot in the Technology Index as well as technical indicators.

CSE has been controversial since launching the mainnet in the third quarter of this year. The project has problems with bugs, concerns focused, as well as disagreements over the constitution of the project. Block manufacturers (BP) allegedly hold too much power in the network. Recently, the project has released the updated version of CSE30, with upgrades such as MongoDB improvements.

Like CSE, Ethereum’s position remains unchanged from August’s ranking. Although still at the top of the charts, Ethereum has the highest score in the Applicability Index. ETH narrowed NEO to the top spot in that category with a difference of 0.1.

In other places, Bitcoin managed to rise higher in the rankings, jumping from 16th to 10th. Although Bitcoin ranked No. 9 with the highest applicability index of 40 , With CSE and Ethereum occupying second and third place in the field. According to the ratings panel, Bitcoin has the least developed technology with the lowest score of 46.0 in the Technology Index.

What have you done to make the CSE Blockchain 3.0 project more valuable?


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