CSE Achieves Top Of Singapore’s Newest Blockchain Index

CSE has topped the list of the latest blockchain projects announced by the Singapore government. This time, CSE has reached the TOP in the latest rankings since the index launched in late August. 2018.

The rankings, developed by the Singapore Institute of Electronics Information Research and Development as well as the Singapore Software Testing Center, aim to create a scientific assessment of global public blockchain projects.

In the second month in a row, CSE maintained its TOP position on the chart. Blocked DPCH projects have surpassed Ethereum after the first rankings were released to take the lead from September 2018. In addition to topping the charts, CSE also took the top spot in the Technology Index as well as technical indicators.

CSE has been controversial since launching the mainnet in the third quarter of this year. The project has problems with bugs, concerns focused, as well as disagreements over the constitution of the project. Block manufacturers (BP) allegedly hold too much power in the network. Recently, the project has released the updated version of CSE30, with upgrades such as MongoDB improvements.

Like CSE, Ethereum’s position remains unchanged from August’s ranking. Although still at the top of the charts, Ethereum has the highest score in the Applicability Index. ETH narrowed NEO to the top spot in that category with a difference of 0.1.

In other places, Bitcoin managed to rise higher in the rankings, jumping from 16th to 10th. Although Bitcoin ranked No. 9 with the highest applicability index of 40 , With CSE and Ethereum occupying second and third place in the field. According to the ratings panel, Bitcoin has the least developed technology with the lowest score of 46.0 in the Technology Index.

What have you done to make the CSE Blockchain 3.0 project more valuable?


CSE Released A Blockchain Based Supercomputer 3.0- Ledger 3.0

What is Ledger?

This is an electronic wallet based on Blockchain Technology 3.0 by the CSE Group, each Ledger wallet is a simple, compact wallet shaped like a USB or keychain. Designed with a lot of layers of high security to ensure maximum security and absolute security for your digital assets. Ledger (cold wallet) is a leading brand of electronic money store today is similar to the Trezor wallet or Nano S wallet but the CSE Ledger can store many other virtual digital currency Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), especially CSE storage and many other Altcoin types.


Features of Ledger cold wallet
-The off-line feature does not need the internet to get the money, and get it.
-Instant speed, super low charge.
-Serving in real life, automatic payments, tree vending chain …
-Storage and payment of many types of crypto: Ledger supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Altcoins, especially CSE holdings of various assets in the same wallet.
-Screen display on the screen OLed: Check and confirm the transaction on the screen display and authentication with the physical button (second element anti-malware).
-Multiple Apps: Use multiple companion applications and FIDO U2F, GPG, SSH or build your own application.
FiDo U2F certification: Supports Fido U2F (Universal Second Factor) on Google, Dropbox, GitHub or Dashlane.
-Backup and Restore: Your account will be backed up on a “recovery” sheet. —-Easy recovery on any Ledger or wallet, respectively, such as BIP36 / BIP44.
-In addition to the above features, the CSE’s Ledger cold wallet can also: unlock car, home, stock storage, global …

The security of the purse Ledger

Safety factor
Ledger is based on dual-chip architecture that is integrated to ensure by the cryptographic association.

Pin code
The Ledger is unique, so only you can access your account by requesting a 4-digit PIN code every time you visit.

Initialization or restoration of the configuration is completely done on the safe environment of the Ledger. Secret passwords are never disclosed outside.

Personal lock
Your personal keys are not kept and known by a third party: They are hard to secure in security. With Ledger, your wallet is decentralized and you are your own bank.

Here is the article on “Ledger-a super-product of Blockchain 3.0 technology is quite complete. With Ledger Wallet has outstanding features that are beyond our imagination to help us have. By installing and using the Ledger cold purse to protect your CSE, Bitcoin and other assets. Hope you will find the most useful information about electronic money storage solutions Ledger. There will be plenty of great stuff from the upcoming CSE BLOCKCHAIN ​​3.0 platform.

Wish you success with CSE GLOBAL!

What is CSE’s Smart Contract ?

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart Contract is a term that describes a special set of protocols capable of automatically executing terms, agreements between parties in a contract (in this case, machine systems). thanks to the support of Blockchain technology. All Smart Contract activities are performed automatically and without interference from outside, or through an intermediary third party. Transactions performed by transparent contracts are transparent, easily accessible and can not be intercepted or reversed. Terms in Smart Contract are equivalent to a legal contract and are recorded under the programming language.

The most prominent feature of the Smart Contract is that it allows the two parties to execute the contract accurately, safely and quickly. There is no need to meet face to face with each other, or a third party with just an Internet connection. The concept of Smart Contract was first introduced by Nick Szabo in 1993.

At the time he had stated the main operational principles, but at the time, there was not enough technology and environment to make it happen. But things have changed with the birth and development of Blockchain technology.

Bitcoin has laid the foundations for building smart deals on Blockchain or “Smart Contract Blockchain”. However, it still can not satisfy the requirements for smart contracts. Only when Ethereum and Smart Contract Ethereum appeared, the idea of ​​a new smart contract was made available to all users, providing a new way to set up a contract.

What are the benefits of Smart contract?
Smart Contract is an application that takes advantage of all the advantages of Blockchain technology so it has many benefits, below is its main benefits.

Automation: The process of contract execution is automated by. At the same time you are the creator of the contract, no longer dependent on brokers, lawyers or anyone else. As such, it also eliminates the risk from third parties
Not Lost: Your document is encrypted on a general ledger, meaning it can not be lost. With Blockchain, all your friends are backing up your documents.
Safe: Blockchain will ensure the safety of your documents. No hacker can threaten them.
Speed: Smart contracts use programming languages, software code to automate terms, and save hours on unnecessary tasks.
Savings: Intelligent contracts save you a lot of money by eliminating intermediaries.
Accurate: Automated contracts are not only quicker and cheaper, but they also avoid common errors when writing documents.
Pros and Cons of Smart Contract
1. Advantages of Smart Contract:
Smart Contract applications can be used in many areas in the future, and now some areas have implemented smart contracts including: Electronic money, logistics, banking, real estate, even the election .
Freedom: Not managed by any agency
Safe Transparency
2. Disadvantages of Smart Contract:
Legality: You will not be protected in the event of a defect arising from the laws of countries that do not currently have policies to exploit and manage smart contracts.
Implementation costs: Need to pay for infrastructure, computers, and good programmers to deploy.
Internet Risks: The nature of the Smart Contract is very secure, but if you reveal some sensitive information or hackers exploit that information, there are likely to be problems.
Applications of Smart Contract:
Understanding how Smart contracts work and which platforms are used to facilitate transactions is a good foundation but understanding the following uses the technology application will help you understand. Smart contracts can really be used in the future.

Here are five industries that can benefit from the use of Smart Contract.

Real estate

Some of the major issues affecting the real estate market are the need to interact directly with agents, homeowners, inspectors, and third-party service providers to verify each step of the lease / buy a house.

Smart Contract Automation contracts can simplify many processes by cutting down on unnecessary direct transactional demands. Applications can also be improved such as real estate search and rental / cash flow management for real estate companies.

Rentberry, a distributed application platform, is an enterprise that automates rent payments, manages safe deposits, and even rents homes using Smart Contract. With Rentberry, a rental agreement is signed and confirmed between the landlord and the tenant. This is in the form of a Smart Contract, which is put into blockchain and therefore can not be changed. In Smart Contract, rent payments are distributed automatically according to a predefined schedule. These terms can be negotiated before entering blockchain. The terms and conditions of the deposit are set at the beginning of the lease, and at the end of the lease, the liability will be deducted and the remaining amount will be automatically returned to the tenant. This is a good example of how Smart contracts can be used to create a fully accessible record of a lease, avoiding fraud by any party throughout the process. Leasing. Supply chain management Logistics supply chain is an industry involved in the storage and transportation of goods by land, sea and air. This is one of the most complex industries in the world, since each item must be tracked to ensure it reaches the right destination and there must be many different transactions to complete a single shipment. Although most organizations Supply chains already have some digital tracking tools and asset management but they are often very expensive and require people to take most of the steps, such as scanning packages, updating books And using the Smart Contract technology, logistics supply chain enterprises can streamline their operations through automation. Chain Business Insights, an independent research company focused on the application of blockchain in supply chain management, has recently released a research brief to identify some of the key benefits of Smart Technology. These benefits include: Visibility and verification of items being shippedActivities (automation) Clarity of Contract Terms (Simple Contract) Fraud ProtectionConnection The company also noted that the application of this technology in the logistics industry can be difficult. Laws should catch up and standards and protocols must be effective to maintain privacy and security when using Smart Contract. Shipchain and VeChain are two blockchain projects that are working to bring the job. Smart Contract for the supply chain industry. Shipchain aims to improve tracking of packages and maximize the efficiency of blockchain-based feeds, while VeChain hopes to enhance supply chain security by using Smart Contract and The other blockchain infrastructure to prevent theft and fraud. Financial servicesNadadaq pointed out the main problem hindering the widespread adoption of smart contracts is the availability of smart interfaces between The blockchain network, in which the Smart Contract runs, and the rest of the world. With this in mind, industry groups like FinTech Network and Zerado still believe that Smart Contracts can provide many beneficial applications. Banks if they can figure out how to effectively legally contract into Smart Contract. This may require banks to adopt Smart Contract technology along with the development of a blockchain infrastructure that is compatible with legacy financial services infrastructure (banking networks, insurance, etc.). The regulatory authorities may also access and read records of all transactions, allowing them to verify that all parties comply with any applicable regulations. If done correctly, this system will ensure a secure, private and scalable platform for all transactional transactions. However, in practice, not as simple; There are other barriers between smart contracts and most financial services companies. Firstly, regulators operating financial institutions in other countries will need to develop They can effectively protect the populations they serve. Such regulations are necessary to ensure that contracts are enforceable and secure. This technology must also ensure the safety of broad use in the industry, as transaction records may is visible to all users. This leads to a discussion of questions such as “what data should be shared with all participants?” Or “how do users verify the validity of the data included in the blockchain? through the services of Oracle? “Once the answers to all these questions can be answered clearly and the issues related to administration have been resolved, we will certainly see. The increase in the use of Smart Contract in the financial services industry. Government agencies Smart Contract is being considered as a solution to problems in government such as contract management, identity verification, and One example is the idea of ​​using blockchains to record the promises that candidates compete for. c does and uses that data to ensure that the candidates adhere to their claims. SmartContract can be represented by a lawmaker who agrees to allocate a certain amount of money to a certain issue and once the value is sent the contract is made, resulting in community members being informed that it happened. If that amount is not deposited on a predetermined date, the contract will perform differently, informing the component when the promise is not retained. Another example, the U.S. government is currently seeking to prevent Blocking Smart Contracts can be used to improve the system used to bid on public contracts. Others believe that Smart Contract can be used to facilitate a ballot for polling, which can be easily accessed by citizens. Of course, such a system would need to be completely secure and it will need to be able to verify a person’s identity without affecting their personal personal information on a public blockchain. Healthcare SystemHealth is a great industry. Health care transactions are a major part of the economy in many countries, especially in the United States, where it accounts for about one-fifth of domestic spending. With so many transactions happening globally, Health care explicitly transfers huge amounts of data to one another. This data can range from public to extremely confidential, thus securely storing data that is of primary concern to health organizations. However, accuracy is thought to be as important as privacy, because incorrect patient charts can lead to inaccurate treatment that can aggravate the condition of the patient. Lockchain can be used. Use to store a variety of health data in a precise, fully encrypted, digital way. Patients can then choose who is allowed to access their health information by distributing their access key directly to trusted medical professionals. This minimizes the risk of fraud and single Simple for patients, insurers and health care organizations to trade with each other. Patientory, a blockchain project, has raised more than $ 7 million over the first three days of the ICO, aiming to improve the storage and management of patient data. This will allow health organizations to create Smart contracts immediately deliver accurate health data to insurance companies or other healthcare organizations, giving them the ability to process payments between organizations faster. Payments will be ideal if sent automatically by Smart Contract. Conclusion Technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has had a profound effect on how contracts are made (and veryfied); for example, we negotiate via email, VC and Skype and electronically sign without meeting Technology is also revolutionizing the broader issues of electronic signing, including identifying the parties, and forcing us to rethink the basic ideals of the meaning of conclusions and comply with the contract.

CSE Creator IOHK Does Deep Dive At Google’s London HQ

By admin / October 15, 2018

CSE creator is wont to complain that his project gets unfairly overlooked by mainstream media outlets, but the cryptocurrency, has nevertheless attracted the attention of one of the world’s largest tech companies: Google.
Co-founder and co-creator of blockchain development firm IOHK, was recently invited to Google’s London headquarters to introduce employees to CSE and answer questions about the Ouroboros protocol.
The session, the transcript of which has been published on the IOHK blog,IOHK Director of Engineering Duncan Coutts conduct a deep dive into the economics and technical specifications of CSE, as well as present their vision for the blockchain industry writ-large.
Co-founder of CSE told the Google staffers that he believes cryptocurrency will “remove the walls between different “tokens of value.” If gold, fiat currency, and airline miles all symbolize wealth, he said, they should all be more or less interchangeable.
He explained:
“And because all the payment systems are now programmable, thanks to you guys and many others, the merchant gets paid whatever the hell the merchant wants to get paid, now. So I can walk over to Starbucks, and I can have my house tokenized, and I can sell it. There’s a market maker that lives in between that, and I sell one-millionth of my home and I can buy that cup of coffee, somebody bought that from me and the merchant gets paid in dollars or pounds.”
There’s no indication that Google’s introduction to CSE will lead to any future collaboration, though this has not stopped such rumors from circulating around the CSE investor water cooler.
CSE developer did a deep dive on the cryptocurrency at Google’s London HQ.
More interesting to consider is what, if anything, it suggests about Google’s evolving attitude toward cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general.
As CCN reported, a Google recruiter apparently reached out to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin about taking a job at the company. Rumors swirled that the tech conglomerate must be working on developing its own cryptocurrency, or at least a blockchain project, though the wording of the email (what was visible in the screenshot, anyway) appeared more like a general recruiting pitch than a targeted job offer.
Notably, Google is one of several tech companies to ban cryptocurrency-related advertisements in response to the proliferation of initial coin offering (ICO) scams, many of whom used these platforms to target less-sophisticated investors.
That’s not a dealbreaker, of course. Facebook, which also banned cryptocurrency ads (but has since rescinded the prohibition), has created a team to pursue blockchain research, and this initiative reportedly involves high-level discussions about developing and issuing its own cryptocurrency.

Why We Are Building CSE ?

By admin / October 13, 2018


CSE is a task that started in 2016 as a push to change the manner in which cryptographic forms of money are composed and created. The general concentration past a specific arrangement of developments is to give a more adjusted and maintainable biological system that better records for the necessities of its clients and additionally different frameworks looking for coordination.

In the soul of many open source ventures, CSE did not start with a far reaching guide or even a legitimate white paper. Or maybe it grasped an accumulation of plan standards, designing prescribed procedures and roads for investigation. These incorporate the accompanying:

• Separation of bookkeeping and calculation into various layers

• Implementation of center segments in very measured utilitarian code

• Small gatherings of scholastics and engineers contending with associate checked on research

• Heavy utilization of interdisciplinary groups including early utilization of InfoSec specialists

• Fast emphasis between white papers, usage and new research required to redress issues found amid audit

• Building in the capacity to update post-conveyed frameworks without wrecking the system

• Development of a decentralized subsidizing instrument for future work

• A long haul see on enhancing the outline of cryptographic forms of money so they can take a shot at cell phones with a sensible and secure client encounter

• Bringing partners nearer to the tasks and upkeep of their digital money

• Acknowledging the need to represent various resources in a similar record

• Abstracting exchanges to incorporate discretionary metadata with the end goal to more readily adjust to the necessities of inheritance frameworks

• Learning from the about 2,000 altcoins by grasping highlights that bode well

• Adopt a guidelines driven process motivated by the Internet Engineering Task Force utilizing a devoted establishment to secure the last convention plan

• Explore the social components of business

• Find a solid center ground for controllers to associate with trade without bargaining some center standards acquired from Bitcoin

From this unstructured arrangement of thoughts, the principals taking a shot at CSE started both to investigate cryptographic money writing and to manufacture a toolset of deliberations. The yield of this exploration is IOHK’s broad library of papers, various review results, for example, this ongoing scripting dialect diagram and in addition an Ontology of Smart Contracts, and the Scorex venture. Exercises yielded a gratefulness for the digital currency industry’s irregular and now and again counterproductive development.

To begin with, not at all like effective conventions, for example, TCP/IP, there is small layering in the plan of cryptographic forms of money. There wants to protect a solitary thought of accord around certainties and occasions recorded in a solitary record, paying little heed to whether it bodes well.

For instance, Ethereum has burdened huge many-sided quality endeavoring to wind up an all inclusive world PC, however experiences trifling concerns possibly decimating the framework’s capacity to work as a store of significant worth. Should everybody’s program be a top of the line native paying little heed to its monetary esteem, cost to keep up, or administrative results?

Second, there is little thankfulness for earlier outcomes in standard cryptographic research. For instance, Bitshares’ Delegated Proof of Stakecould have effortlessly and dependably produced arbitrary numbers utilizing coin hurling with ensured yield conveyance, or, in other words known since the 1980s (see the original paper by Rabin and Ben-Or).

Third, most altcoins (with a couple of remarkable exemptions, for example, Tezos) have not made any settlement for future updates. The capacity to effectively push a delicate or hard fork is essential to the long haul achievement of any digital money.

As a result, venture clients can’t submit a huge number of dollars worth of assets to conventions where the guide and performers behind them are vaporous, insignificant or radicalized. There should be a proficient procedure through which social accord can conform to a dream for developing the basic convention. On the off chance that this procedure is massively troublesome, discontinuity could break the network separated.

At long last, cash is at last a social wonder. In the push to anonymize and disintermediate focal on-screen characters, Bitcoin and its counterparts have additionally disposed of the requirement for stable personalities, metadata and notoriety in business exchanges. Including these information through concentrated arrangements evacuates the auditability, worldwide accessibility and changelessness — or, in other words purpose of utilizing a blockchain.

Heritage money related frameworks, for example, those made out of SWIFT, FIX and ACH are wealthy in value-based metadata. It isn’t sufficient to know how much esteem moved between records, control regularly requires the attribution of on-screen characters included, consistence data, detailing suspicious action, and different records and activities. Now and again, the metadata could really compare to the exchange.

Subsequently, it appears to be sensible to deduce that the control of metadata could be as unsafe as forging money or reworking exchange history. Making no settlement for on-screen characters who need to willfully incorporate these fields appears to be counterproductive to standard reception and shopper insurance.


The total of our principled investigation of the cryptographic money space is two accumulations of conventions. Individually, a provably secure evidence of stake [1][2] based digital currency called the CSE Settlement Layer (CSL) and an arrangement of conventions called the CSE Computation Layer (CCL).

Our outline accentuation is to suit the social parts of digital currencies, work in layers by isolating the bookkeeping of significant worth from complex calculation and address the necessities of controllers inside the extent of a few unchanging principles1. Moreover, where it is sensible, we endeavor to vet proposed conventions through associate survey and check code against formal determinations.


Utilizing evidence of stake for a digital money is a fervently discussed plan decision, anyway on the grounds that it adds an instrument to present secure casting a ballot, has greater ability to scale, and allows more outlandish motivation plans, we chose to grasp it.

Our confirmation of stake convention is called Ouroboros and it has been composed by a to a great degree capable group of cryptographers from five scholarly institutions2 driven by Professor Aggelos Kiayias of the University of Edinburgh. The center development it brings past being demonstrated secure utilizing a thorough cryptographic model is a measured and adaptable outline that takes into consideration the arrangement of numerous conventions to improve usefulness.

This measured quality takes into consideration highlights, for example, appointment, sidechains, subscribable checkpoints, better information structures for light customers, diverse types of irregular number age and even unique synchronization suspicions. As a system creates from having thousands to millions and even billions of clients, the necessities of its agreement calculation will likewise change. In this manner, it is essential to have enough adaptability to oblige these progressions and accordingly future-evidence the core of a digital money.


Cryptographic forms of money are a prime case of the social part of cash. While limiting investigation exclusively to innovation, there is little contrast among Bitcoin and Litecoin and even less so among Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. However, both Litecoin and Ethereum Classic keep up extensive market capitalizations and strong, unique networks and also their very own social orders.

It very well may be contended that a substantial piece of the estimation of a digital money is gotten from its locale, the manner in which it utilizes the cash, and its level of commitment in the money’s development. Assisting the idea, monetary forms, for example, Dash have even coordinated frameworks specifically into the convention to connect with their locale in choosing what ought to be a need to create and finance.

The immense decent variety of digital forms of money additionally gives proof to their social components. Contradictions about logic, financial strategy, or even just between the center designers prompt fracture and forks. However not at all like their cryptographic money partners, fiat monetary standards of superpowers have a tendency to survive political movements and nearby differences without a cash emergency or mass migration.

Along these lines, it appears that there are components of heritage frameworks that are absent from the digital money industry. We contend — and have instilled into the CSE guide – that clients of a convention require motivating forces to comprehend the social contract behind their convention and have the opportunity to propose changes profitably. This opportunity stretches out to each part of an esteem trade framework, from choosing how markets ought to be managed to which ventures ought to be supported. However it can’t be expedited through brought together performing artists nor require some exceptional accreditation that could be co-picked by an all around financed minority.

CSE will execute an arrangement of overlay conventions based over CSL to oblige the necessities of its clients.

To begin with, paying little heed to the accomplishment of a crowdsale to bootstrap improvement, assets will in the end scatter. Henceforth, CSE will incorporate a decentralized trust3 supported from monotonically diminishing expansion and exchange charges.

Any client ought to be qualified to ask for assets from the trust by a tally framework and the partners of CSL vote on who turns into a recipient. The procedure makes a profitable input circle seen in different digital currencies with treasury/trust frameworks, for example, Dash, by beginning a discussion about who ought to and ought not be financed.

Subsidizing dialogs drive a connection of long and here and now objectives, the digital money’s social contract, needs and the confidence in esteem creation with specific recommendations. This discussion implies that the network is always assessing and discussing its convictions against conceivable guides.

Second, our expectation is that CSE will in the long run incorporate a formal, blockchain based framework to propose and vote on both delicate and hard forks. Bitcoin with its square size discussion, Ethereum with the DAO fork, and numerous different cryptographic forms of money other than have persevered through long standing and, in successive cases, uncertain contentions over the specialized and good bearing of the codebase.

It can and ought to be contended that a large number of these contradictions, and the breaking of the network that outcomes when move is made, are an immediate consequence of an absence of formal procedures for discussing change.

Where does one go to persuade Bitcoin clients to receive Segregated Witness? In what capacity should the center engineers of Ethereum measure network conclusion for salvaging the DAO? In the event that the network cracks, is the digital currency harmed hopeless?

In the most pessimistic scenarios, moral expert to act could just decline to whoever has the designers, infrastructural connections and cash, not the all the best of by far most of the network. Besides, if an extensive bit of the network is out of reach or separated because of terrible incentives4, at that point by what method can one really know whether their demonstrations are genuine?

Proposed digital forms of money, for example, Tezos give a fascinating model to inspect where a cryptographic money convention is dealt with like a constitution containing three segments (Transaction, Consensus and Network) with an arrangement of formal standards and procedure to refresh the constitution. However there stays much work to be finished with motivating forces and over how precisely to model and change a cryptographic money with a formal dialect.

The utilization of formal techniques, machine justifiable determinations and combining a treasury with this procedure for budgetary motivations are being investigated as conceivable roads for motivation. At last, only the capacity to propose a convention change in a straightforward, control free route with blockchain based casting a ballot ought to enhance the procedure, regardless of whether more exquisite arrangements can’t be outlined.


When planning extraordinary conventions and dialects, one ought not look to the future, but instead to the past. History gives a reiteration of models of extraordinary thoughts that are impeccable on paper, yet some way or another have not survived, for example, the Open Systems Interconnection guidelines. History likewise gives upbeat mischances that have continued from TCP/IP to JavaScript.

A few standards extricated from a recorded view are the accompanying:

1. You can’t foresee the future so work in squirm room

2. Complexity is decent on paper, however straightforwardness generally wins

3. Too numerous cooks ruin the juices

4. Once a standard is set it will likely stick around, paying little heed to whether it is imperfect

5. Bad thoughts can really develop into truly great ones if there is a will

CSE is a money related framework that acknowledges its social nature. There will be a colossal requirement for adaptability and the capacity to address self-assertive intricacy in a specific client’s exchange. On the off chance that effective, there will be a requirement for gigantic computational, stockpiling and system assets to oblige a huge number of simultaneous exchanges.

However we don’t have a computerized, decentralized Robin Hood to take from the rich hubs and provide for the poor ones with the end goal to accomplish a reasonable system. Nor do we have the advantage of confiding in human helpfulness to selflessly forfeit for more prominent’s benefit of the system. In this way, CSE’s plan obtains from TCP/IP the idea of partition of concerns.

Blockchains are at last databases requesting actualities and occasions with certifications about timestamps and changelessness. With regards to cash, they arrange responsibility for. Including complex calculation by putting away and executing programs is a symmetrical idea. Would we like to know what amount of significant worth went from Alice to Bob, or would we like to get associated with making sense of the entire story behind the exchange and choosing the amount to send?

It is unimaginably enticing to pick the last as Ethereum has done in light of the fact that it is more adaptable, yet it damages the plan standards above. Making sense of the story implies that a solitary convention must have the capacity to comprehend self-assertive occasions, content subjective exchanges, allow mediation in instances of extortion and even possibly turn around exchanges when new data is made accessible.

At that point one needs to settle on troublesome plan choices about what metadata to store for every exchange. What components of the story behind Alice and Bob’s exchange are applicable? Is it true that they are pertinent for eternity? At the point when would we be able to discard a few information? Does doing as such abuse the law in a few nations?

Moreover, some calculation is private in nature. For instance, while computing the normal compensation of laborers in an office, we would not really need to spill how much every individual makes. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which each calculation is freely known. Consider the possibility that this attention predispositions execution request to hurt result.

In this manner, we have picked the position that the bookkeeping of significant worth ought to be isolated from the story behind why the esteem was moved. As it were, detachment of significant worth from calculation. This division does not imply that CSE won’t bolster shrewd contracts. Despite what might be expected, by making the division express, it allows fundamentally greater adaptability in the outline, utilize, protection and execution of savvy contracts.

The esteem record is known as the CSE Settlement Layer (CSL). As the reason for existing is to accord.


The cruel reality of all cutting edge money related frameworks is that as they scale, they collect a need, or if nothing else a craving, for control. This result is by and large the aftereffect of intermittent falls because of the carelessness of some on-screen character or plot of performing artists in a commercial center.

For instance, the Knickerbocker Crisis of 1907 brought about the formation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 as a loan specialist of final resort. Another model is the overabundances of the 1920s in the United States that brought about a horrendous budgetary fall, the Great Depression. This fall yielded the formation of the Securities Exchange Commission in 1934 with the end goal to keep a comparable occasion or if nothing else consider terrible performers responsible.

One can sensibly discuss the requirement for, degree and viability of direction, yet one can’t deny its reality and the energy with which real governments have authorized it. Be that as it may, the test all controllers look as the world globalizes and money ends up advanced is two dimensional.

In the first place, which set of directions ought to be incomparable when managing a gathering of wards? The out of date thought of Westphalian power liquefies when a solitary exchange can contact three dozen nations in less than a moment. Would it be a good idea for it to just be whomever uses the most geopolitical impact?

Second, upgrades in protection innovation have made a computerized weapons contest where it will turn out to be progressively more hard to try and comprehend who has taken an interest in an exchange, significantly less who possesses a specific store of significant worth. In our current reality where a great many dollars of advantages can be controlled with simply a subtly held 12-word mnemonic15, how would you authorize powerful direction?

Like every single money related framework, the CSE convention must have an assessment in its plan over what is reasonable and sensible. We have partitioned between individual rights and the privileges of a commercial center.

People ought to dependably have sole access to their assets without pressure or common resource relinquishment. This privilege must be implemented on the grounds that not all legislatures can be trusted not to manhandle their sovereign power for the individual gain of degenerate lawmakers, as found in Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Digital currencies must be built to the most minimized shared factor.

Second, history ought to never be messed with. Blockchains give a guarantee of unchanging nature. Acquainting the power with move back history or modify the official record acquaints excessively allurement with change the past with the end goal to profit a specific performer or on-screen characters.

Third, the stream of significant worth ought to be unhindered. Capital controls and other counterfeit dividers lessen human rights. Outside of the purposelessness of endeavoring to uphold them16, in a worldwide economy with numerous residents at all created countries going outside of their purview to locate a living pay, limiting capital streams more often than not winds up hurting the poorest on the planet.

These standards expressed, markets are particularly not the same as people. While the fashioners of CSE have faith in individual rights, we likewise trust that business sectors have the privilege to transparently express their terms and conditions, and if an individual consents to work together inside this market, at that point they should be held to those guidelines for uprightness of the whole framework.

The test has dependably been expense and common sense of requirement. Little, multijurisdictional exchanges are essentially excessively costly in inheritance frameworks, making it impossible to give high affirmation of plan of action in case of extortion or a business question. When one sends their wire exchange to the Nigerian Prince17, it is generally excessively costly, making it impossible to attempt to recover one’s assets.

For CSE, we believe we can develop on three levels. In the first place, using shrewd contracts the terms and states of business connections can be better controlled. On the off chance that all benefits are advanced and can be exclusively communicated on CSL, solid assurances of misrepresentation free business can be picked up.

Second, the utilization of HSMs to give a character space where PII isn’t spilled yet used to verify and certification on-screen characters ought to give a worldwide notoriety framework and take into account much lower cost managed exercises to be directed, for example, web based gaming with computerized assess consistence or decentralized trades.

At long last, in CSE’s guide is the production of a secluded direction DAO that can be altered to cooperate with client composed brilliant contracts with the end goal to include variability, purchaser security and assertion. The extent of this undertaking will be delineated in a later paper.


CSE has been a marathon venture including criticism from many the most splendid personalities inside and outside of the cryptographic money industry. It includes indefatigable emphasis, the dynamic utilization of companion audit, and bold robbery of extraordinary thoughts when revealed.

The rest of the segments each cover a specific part of center we have chosen is a center segment of our task. Some were chosen because of a longing to enhance the general accepted procedures of the space though others are particular to CSE’s development.

While no task can cover each objective or fulfill each client, we would like to give a dream to what a self-developing money related stack should look like for wards that need them. A definitive reality of digital forms of money isn’t that they will disturb the current heritage budgetary frameworks. Inheritance budgetary frameworks are constantly fit for retaining change and keeping up their shape and capacity.

Or maybe one should hope to places where it is just excessively costly, making it impossible to convey the current saving money framework, where many live on not as much as a couple of dollars daily, have no steady personality and credit is difficult to discover.

In these spots, the ability to package an installment framework, property rights, personality, credit and hazard assurance into a solitary application running on a PDA isn’t simply helpful, it is extraordinary. The reason we are building CSE is that we believe we have a real shot at conveying — or if nothing else progressing — this vision for the creating scene.

On the off chance that we can change the manner in which cryptographic forms of money are composed, advanced and supported, at that point there is an awesome achievement.


By admin / October 13, 2018

Recently, the investor community has been very upset with a project supposedly coming from Singapore called CSE, which is said to be based on BLOCKCHAIN ​​3.0 technology. It introduces it with remarkable features compared to the old BLOCKCHAIN ​​platforms today: Super Fast & Super Cheap. There are also opinions that it is a fraudulent multi-level project and set up by a group of Vietnamese leaders to cheat investors for money.
Is the CSE TRUE?
This is a BLOCKCHAIN ​​3.0 technology developed by the BLOCKCHAIN ​​Alliance of nations, including Singapore, USA, Dubai, Russia, …. Introduced with ultra-fast transaction speed (0.03 s / operator), ultra-low cost (1/1000 and can be equal to NO), function identifier when dealing, along with the technology flow & super threading, … There are a number of video leaks out there that are supposedly made by some of Vietnam’s leaders, so that investors can see how fast the CSE is trading. With the information learned with the BLOCKCHAIN ​​knowledge of the master, if the CSE actually has the technology as it says it is a pure BLOCKCHAIN ​​platform with technologies that can put BLOCKCHAIN ​​applied to the field. area of ​​life. Now that all is still just information, and if CSE has a real technology base and can be applied to all areas of life, more time is needed.
Some say CSE is a coin project set up by Vietnamese leaders to continue to scam and get money from investors, and those who introduce the project are paid extremely high commissions. According to the master plan find out, the commission received by the referral participants received a maximum of 18%. Spats can be compared to a few other Coin projects running with a total Leader commission of 30% or 40%, and a project that can be up to 50%. Actually CSE is not a fragrant project when set up to entice the Leader to run the investment fraud system. In addition, CSE does not pay the monthly interest to investors as other ICO projects so it will not be attractive to entice and cheat the participants, which may be considered as a pure Coin project. not the financial floor set up to trick investors.
Currently there is a lot of information on the Internet, international news and even HTV9 television stations in Vietnam also reported on CSE. In addition, SRI Capital is investing in Vietnam on BLOCKCHAIN ​​3.0 at the 30th Anniversary of FDI held in Hanoi chaired by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and other information about CSE. you can search. With newsworthy information found through international and television articles, no coin project has ever done so.

At present forums and forums, there are many good reviews of the project, and there are also opinions that are waiting to see if the CSE is actually doing what the CSE has said. or not. But I see most of the comments are very good about CSE, and currently on the big forums and groups of the world they are extremely interested in CSE. You can participate in forums, groups to be able to view reviews and debate about the opinion of the community.
You can see more here:

There will be a lot of information on the net, you can find out, filter information and self-assessment about the project. The investment in CSE depends on the decision of the individual. I personally find the CSE money itself very potential and valuable, it is a real opportunity to invest. The critics are multi-level business. Of course, like Bitcoin, investing in CSE will have certain risks. But risk means big profits. Invest in value why not?

You can register and purchase the CSE here:

CSE – BLOCKCHAIN ​​3.0 technology really changes the world (3/3)

By admin / October 13, 2018

Smartcontract 2.0

Technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has had a profound effect on how contracts are made (and veryfied); for example, we negotiate via email, VC and Skype and electronically sign without meeting direct.
Technology is also revolutionizing the broader issues of electronic signing, including identifying parties, and forcing us to rethink the basic ideals of the meaning of concluding and implementing. According to the Contract.
In addition to integrating additional technologies:
• Platform Blockchain 3.0
• Cloud computing technology
• Blockchian data
• Network transaction super fast
• Pay
• Store
• Wallet – Ledger 3.0
• Blockchain App
• Artificial intelligence
• …….


ICO Project Name: CSE (token code: CSE)
Total tokens issued: 900,000,000 CSE
ICO tokens: 180,000,000 CSE
Foundation Protocol: CSE 30
Input coins: BTC, ETH
(Pulic ICO) to open from September 24, 1818 at 14:00 PM (US time)
The amount of 180,000,000 CSE ($ 0.3)
Investors participating in the minimum purchase (min) must reach: $ 10, maximum (max) $ 500,000
For more information about the ArcBlock project and to register for an account, please click here:

CSE – BLOCKCHAIN ​​3.0 technology really changes the world (2/3)

By admin / October 13, 2018


First, we have to confirm that, the old Blockchain platform (1.0 & 2.0) is increasingly crowded users, its transaction processing speed becomes “crawling turtle”. In the meantime, the world has not yet made it clear that the 1.0 and 2.0 platforms improve speed or upgrade to a higher level.
Estimated, the current Blockchain platform can only handle 5 to 7 transactions per second. Considering the financial industry, this is unacceptable. According to statistics, VISA (US) using the lower network of IBM was able to do this better than any competitor in the world, 20,000 transactions per second.
Next, because the security of the old Blockchain platform is too high these things also make many users feel “uncomfortable.” When participating in Blockchain chain activity if you accidentally forget the password. Wanting to re-issue this is hard to pin down, since Blockchain’s structure does not have a third party to verify all user behavior.
In addition, the privacy of a user may also be accessed if you participate in a specific Blockchain. In addition, the cost of exploiting a new blockchain to complement the overall Blockchain network is very expensive.
Most importantly, the old Blockchain platform is likely to be attacked by the user himself when the total number of users in the same network link together to form a group (over-attack). There are many other factors …
The structure of the Blockchain 3.0 platform includes: Data + Smart Contract 2.0 + Open chain networks + Block lattice structures + Cloud nodes + Micro-node + Hyperthreading + Stratification + Multi-layered Security for super-speed and super-cheap purposes.
In a nutshell, the Blockchain 3.0 platform is a new upgrade from the old Blockchain (1.0 + 2.0) and 3.0, which adds a whole new set of features.
The new Blockchain 3.0 technology is able to overcome the barriers of the old platform, but there is no way to uninstall it. Moreover, the new features on Blockchain 3.0 will make it easy for users. Easy to use and can build a platform Blockchain for their own needs.
CSE is a comprehensive combination of the two largest technology platforms, Blockchain (Data Block) and Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing). In the near future, Blockchain 3.0 will be the “source platform” for all Blockchain platforms at the moment.
More precisely, CSE will represent the new platform, which is Blockchain 3.0
Data: Data is encoded on an integrated block of strings from the Blockchain 1.0 release
Smart Contract: Integrated smart contract feature from Blockchain 2.0
CSE Blockchain 3.0 technology
• Very fast transaction speed due to Hyper-Threading Technology and Masternode.
• Extremely low transaction costs (1/1000, almost equal to NO)
Supernode Technology
• Micro-Node
• Virtualization and Node Dispatching
• Classification and distribution of treatment streams
• MasterNode

Quantum chips

• Intel has announced the distribution of 17 qubit superconductor chips to quantum computers to QuTech, Intel’s Quantum Research Partner in the Netherlands.
• New chips are manufactured by Intel and have unique designs to achieve improved performance and performance. Quantum computing, in essence, is paramount in parallel computing, with the ability to solve problems. Those ordinary computers can not handle it.
In addition to applications that promote research in chemistry, materials science and molecular modeling, quantum computers can participate in advanced algorithms that help speed up the decoding of power consumption. This reduces costs and makes Blockchain widely available in a wide range of industries.

to be continue…

CSE – BLOCKCHAIN ​​3.0 technology really changes the world (1/3)

By admin / October 13, 2018

The Blockchain 1.0 platform, Bitcoin is a representative factor, which is recognized by IT professionals around the world. With Blockchain 2.0, Bitcoin has been the “representative” of Ethereum (ETH), and we are now waiting for a completely new technology platform, Blockchain 3.0.
Blockchain technology or any other technology, it is always elimination and must be replaced over time. The closest we can see is that we have a 2G cellular data network, followed by 3G and now 4G. In the future, users around the world again to exploit, use the 5G network when it is officially brought to the network application in life.
Obviously, a new technology when it comes to it always brings the least benefit to this life. However, our demand is never stopping. So, waste and development “new” always come together in a certain time.

To our advantage, we can see that the Blockchain 1.0 (Data) and Blockchain 2.0 (Data + Smart Contract) platforms are widely used in today’s life. Many countries have quickly applied it to key economies. Specifically, commercial finance, shipping, banking, law … and even retail, grocery. You can find all the practical applications of Blockchain when searching for it on Google.
More impressive, with the Blockchain 2.0 platform – this technology has helped us execute smart contracts without the need for third party verification. Specific examples, with traditional contracts established by two individuals, companies or organizations, “seal” is considered third party. And third party is always considered the ” trust “that makes the activities from the civilian to the organization become faster and smoother when performing work.

to be continue…

Roadmap – The CSE roadmap is published as follows

By admin / October 13, 2018
08 2018
Public Website, Blockchain Wallet 3.0, Payment Gateway for top 10 Cryptocurrencies, Free TXID Scratch Card Payment, Retail Payment Equipment, Announcement Private Sale 20% of Total Supply at $0.25/CSE. Bonus up to 100%.09 2018
Launching Blockchain 3.0 Platform for enterprises includes: Blockchain Module 3.0, Payment Gateway, Supernode Cloud, Blockchain Database, Cold Wallet-ledger 3.0, Public ICO 20% of Total Supply with price $0.3/CSE.

01 2019
Completion of listing international exchanges for CSE at $0.5/CSE.

03 2019
Public CSE’s application running on IOS and Android platform. Public Blockchain 3.0 Platform (CSE).

Please register account here:
Now we sell with price $0.3/CSE token. When CSE list on exchanges, the token will be sold $0.5
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